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Are you ready to take control of your nutrition without diets and deprivation?

Get the Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide. Stop dieting and start living!




This nutrition guide is packed with nutrition education, recipes, and more so you can take it and customize it for you!

real food real life nutrition guide included
  • Lifestyle tips to reach success (in addition to your diet)
  • Customized nutrition for your needs
  • A blueprint on how to layout your meals to balance blood sugar and stay full throughout the day.
  • Nutrition Education on carbs, proteins, fats, and fiber.
  • How to read food labels and ingredient lists
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping advice
  • Sample weekly meal plan + meal plan template
  • Store-bought shortcuts
  • Proper portion sizes
  • Food substitutions for picky eaters
  • Pantry lists
  • 66+ healthy and delicious recipes

Are you ready to...

  • Ditch dieting for good?
  • Eat foods that fuel your body, but still enjoy treats like cake, pizza, and tacos?
  • Learn how much you need to be eating for your individual needs?
  • Not fear carbs and enjoy them every single day?
  • To stop feeling guilty about the nutrition choices you make?
  • Feel in control of your health?

Ditch Dieting

With the Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide, I share my secret to finding food freedom and the method I follow to ditch dieting and guilt around food.

No crash diets. No starving. NO DEPRIVATION! I went from feeling overwhelmed and deprived to learning how to incorporate everyday life into my journey. This lead me to lose weight the healthy way, while still enjoying chocolate, tacos, and pizza!  

Customized Nutrition

You will learn how to customize your nutrition to your individual needs. From how much you should be eating, to portion sizes, and personalized hydration.

I also share how to swap ingredients when you find a recipe that doesn't work for your tastes. Customize your recipes, nutrition, and life.

Sample Meal Plan

I have included a sample meal plan to get you started which includes recipes like brownie batter bites, a take out pizza night, and wine!

Prefer to meal plan yourself? That's great! I also have a printable meal planner that you can fill out yourself.

60+ Recipes

I have included 66+ recipes in the Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide.

  • Breakfasts
  • Mains (lunches/dinners)
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Flavour Enhancers

Does this sound like you?


I hear you, there is so much chatter about different strategies, diets, and what healthy means. I want you to forget all that and get back to basics with me. No more fearing foods and cutting out food groups.

weight loss inspiration

I've personally lost 70lbs by incorporating the small actionable steps I deliver. I went from chronic stomach issues and constant cravings to living an everyday healthy life - while still having chocolate!


What People are Saying

"Learning how to fuel your body has never been easier or tastier. This Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide explained nutrition in a way we can all understand and have fun learning about it!  From what your body needs to thrive and how to prepare the food to fuel it!" - Michelle I.


"I am very impressed with how through Randa is with her nutrition guide - it is jam packed with information, most I had no idea about . I really like the added meal plan as well as the recipes - I have never meal planned before so having the example is great . I have always struggled with the nutrition part of eating healthy and am very happy 😊 with all the great info ! Thank you Randa!"
- Rebecca K

stacie testimonial

"Randa's Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide was exactly what I was looking for. It has simple, actionable tips that anyone can follow. I love that she not only gives you advice on what you should be doing to live healthier, but also why it's important. I actually learned a few things and I've been on a healthy eating path for several months now. Her guidance is easy to follow and implement and there are no obscure or hard to find ingredients in her recipes. In fact, the recipes sound delicious and perfect to serve to my family. This guide is a gem and worth picking up!"
- Stacie V

I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant. I'm a professional blogger, recipe developer. Basically, my life revolves around food.  

That being said I love pizza, tacos, chocolate, and red wine. So it's my mission to teach nutrition without a deprivation mindset. You can have all the tasty things, you may just have to tweak a few things!  

I don't believe in fad diets (been there, failed at that) or calorie deprivation. I'm here to teach you REALISTIC nutrition that you can apply to your family. Because no one wants to eat a salad while their family enjoys pizza.  

mom making pancakes with her kids


Is this a physical product?

The Real Food Real Life Nutrition Guide is a digital file. When purchased you will be given two options, one smaller file as an ebook and a higher resolution file if you would like to print it at Staples, Office Depot, etc.

How long until I see results?

Everyone is different, but you will start feeling/seeing results within the first two weeks. Results are not just the number on the scale. It's one less cup of coffee you need during the afternoon because you're gaining more energy, it's fewer stomach cramps from eating processed foods, it's your clothes fitting better, and your skin clearing up.

Is this a diet?

No! Diets don't work! This is not a temporary thing, this is your new way of living. Whole foods most of the time, with pizza and fiber-filled brownies as sweet treats. No food is truly off-limits if you 100% want them. No more binging, no more dieting, no more feeling guilt over food!

I'm a picky eater/have allergies, is this still for me?

No problem! I show you how to simply substitute foods to fit your individual needs.

Is there a meal plan included?

Yes, I do have a 1-week sample meal plan included with options to increase the foods to suit your unique needs. I also included a blank template that can be printed off by itself or photocopied for weekly meal planning.