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Every eBook, course, and meal plan I have created is bundled in this Healthy Habits Black Friday deal. The entire Randa Nutrition library is being offered.

What does this mean for you?

  • You'll learn the healthy daily habits that you NEED to know to reach your goals.
  • I'll walk you through how to meal plan to save you time, money, and get in the routine to set yourself up for success.
  • Don't have time to meal plan? I have a 7 week meal plan full of clean eating recipes for you.
  • Plus eCookbooks on homemade vinaigrettes, healthy snack ideas, and chocolate for breakfast.  

Total Value included in the bundle $120 CAD ($91.92 USD) Today's price: $49 CAD (roughly $38 USD) FOR EVERYTHING! CAD = Canadian Dollars, USD = American Dollars

black friday meal plan sale
I need this bundle

It's Time to Put Yourself First

When was the last time you did something for you?

As mothers, we often put our needs on the back burner but where does that leave us? Tired, quick to snap, and burnt out.

I created this bundle because it is the perfect step by step system to ease into nutrition to make mom's like you feel great, look great, and uncomplicated healthy living.

Live Healthy

Following a healthy lifestyle is simple with meal plans, eBooks, and more with this bundle.

Feel Amazing

When you're eating better you feel better. It's simple with the support of this bundle.

Enjoy What You're Eating

Don't feel deprived by following a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy Chocolate for Breakfast (an eBook that's included!).

OVER 55% OFF! Get everything from the Randa Nutrition Library at an INSANE LOW PRICE POINT! 

You'll also receive the Nutrition and Healthy Living Resource Library!

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What's Included

With this bundle I am going to show you how to drop the "diet guilt" and learn how to incorporate practical nutrition in your every day life. PS: you should never feel guilty for enjoying a treat. If you obsess over it all day, we need to chat.

We're moms, we're freaking busy - I get it! I have two kids of my own (3 if you include my husband).

You'll learn how to give yourself grace with meal planning to your schedule (maybe that means a slow cooker dinner on a busy hockey night, or maybe it's a night where you plan for pizza). 

I teach you that pizza is not the enemy, but maybe limit it to two slices with a side salad or carrot sticks on the side in the 7 Days to a Healthier You Challenge.

You are going to change your life with this bundle. Let me help.

When you're fueled and feel amazing, you're a better mom (hell, you're a better human - gone are the hangry days of deprivation).

The Meal Planning Method

The meal planning method is a guide to show you how to get organized with your meal plan.  

Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, or saving your sanity over what's for dinner, meal planning is the key to success!  

What You'll Get: 11 lessons, including manual and digital meal planning.  

Healthified 7 Week Meal Plan

Healthy meal plans delivered every week with an easy to follow shopping list and recipes in a downloadable format. View them on your phone, iPad, or print them for a hands on approach.

What you'll get: Weekly Meal Plans for 7 weeks, Shopping List, Recipes

30 Days to a Healthier You Email Challenge

Every day for 30 days I will send you an email with a small, quick, actionable task. 

Listen mama, I know you only have 20 minutes (maybe) of time to yourself while your toddler naps. That's why I made these tasks are quick and easy!

With 30 Days to a Healthier You, you'll learn the little things that create healthy habits and add up to long term results.  

The Healthy Grail Health & Fitness Planner

Goals. Accountability. Meal Planning.  

It’s with those three factors that I created The Healthy Grail, a health and fitness planner that’s customizable to suit your needs. 

Track everything from your time, steps, reps, plus food choices, and habits. In addition to can journal about your workout and what you could do to improve.  

Delish Dressings & Vinaigrettes eBook

Creating homemade dressings and vinaigrettes from home doesn't have to be complicated. It's actually quite easy.  

Use the recipes for your salads, sauces for tacos, or dressings for bowls.

Your salads will never be the same.

42 Healthy Snack Ideas eBook

Are you finding yourself hitting the 3pm wall and reaching for quick and easy fixes?  

Ditch the bag of chips and snack on these 42 healthy snack ideas!  

Options for satisfying your sweet tooth and taming your savory cravings! 

Chocolate for Breakfast eBook

Who said you can't have dessert for breakfast? With these clean eating chocolate recipes you can enjoy chocolate for breakfast, snacks, and (of course) dessert!  

What you'll get: 42 clean eating chocolate recipes, Downloadable PDF, Readable on desktop, tablet/iPad, mobile.

Heal - 5 Day Anti Inflammatory Meal Plan

Healthy recipes, whole foods. Pure deliciousness.  

What you'll get: Meal plan, meal prep guide, grocery list. 


About Randa

Randa Derkson in Disneyland

I’m Randa. I’m a mom of two littles, a blogger, recipe developer, culinary nutrition expert, and a holistic nutrition student. 

My goal. My true passion? To save you from making the nutrition mistakes I made that destroyed my body, mind, and spirit. I thrive to teach moms that you don’t have to fear your favorite foods. Pizza can be healthy. Tacos? Same. Chocolate? Hell ya! I teach practical and realistic nutrition for the everyday mom by sharing healthy swaps and by banning heavy restrictive diets.🙅🏼‍♀️ Stop starving yourself with 1200 calories because some app told you to eat that little.


Having all of this on hand made my week easier

“Randa's meal plan was great and so easy to follow! Having all of this on hand made my week easier and less stressful plus I know that what my family and I are eating is healthy so it's a win-win!”  

Katie, Healthifed 7 Week Meal Plan 


Just after following the first challenge for a week, I FEEL GREAT!

"Randa gives an easy and relatable step by step guide on how to become healthier in 30 days. I love that the action items are simple and followed by interesting facts! This simplifies health for me and makes my goals achievable, and they will for you if you're ready to make the change in your lifestyle. " 

Ladena, 30 Days to a Healthier You