Get one on one guidance from a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and custom meal plans to help you reach your goals and feel your best with realistic nutrition.

All while enjoying delicious foods you love. No diets. No deprivation.



Is this you?

  • You start eating healthy but by the time night rolls around, the cravings are too strong to beat?
  • You're tired all the time, and don't know why.
  • You wear leggings because the jeans in your closet haven't fit quite right in a few years?
  • You keep trying all the new diets, to only feel defeated from being unable to eat your favorite foods?
  • You're desperate to improve your relationship with food.
  • You haven't felt like yourself in years.


4 weeks of healthy meal plan.

4 weeks of delicious and healthy meal plans will be delivered to your inbox. Custom tailored to your body, preferences, intolerances, allergies.

Done for you grocery list.

Included is a grocery list so you just have to go to the store or add to cart! This saves you both time and money.

One on one coaching calls.

Included are 15 minute weekly coaching calls to go over your wins, questions, and to fine tune your plan.

On going support & accountability.

Text and voice support 7 days a week with Randa!

I'm here for your questions and to help keep you accountable.

weight loss inspiration

My story.

I didn't always have an understanding of nutrition. I grew up on the "standard American diet" and thought pasta salad was healthy because it was whole wheat and had a few veggies thrown in.

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and once I was on medication to stabilize my thyroid, I gained over 40 pounds.

After the loss of our first son to stillbirth, I knew I had to get my weight under control and live a healthier lifestyle. It was no longer just about me.

The next few years were filled with misery and deprivation. I only ate 1200 calories a day because that's what an app told me to do, all while working out multiple times a day. I lost 70 pounds but I did it all wrong.

disordered eating

I just wanted to be skinny.

I associated skinny with healthy.

I had my thyroid removed with a total thyroidectomy in 2011 and struggled to keep my weight in check. So I restricted my food and upped my activity even more.

Little did I know, I was damaging my body.

I saw food as a delicious enemy that I couldn't enjoy. When I did allow a treat, I binged. Then the next day I would feel guilty and restrict even more.

weight loss transformation Randa Nutrition

It wasn't until I had my daughter where I realized I needed to change. Not just for my health, but for the sake of my kids and their relationship with food.

I started to work out to get strong (not skinny). I wanted to be able to carry her around in her car seat with ease. It was my first why.

I started seeing calories as fuel, not the enemy. I stopped demonizing cake, ice cream, and pizza. I allowed myself to enjoy a piece as a treat and you know what? I stopped wanting it all the time, I even said no because I *gasp* didn't want it.

I found a better balance with food and created Randa Nutrition out of it.

I found a piece of food freedom, and I can help you find it too.

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“Thanks to Randa I finally feel in control of my nutrition. Her plans set a routine for me where I understand what my plates should look like. The recipes are delicious and I never felt like I was missing out on anything. If I had a night out planned, she made it work for me.” 

Brenna West

"I was blown away by just how much my healthy meal plan helped me eat better. The Black Bean Brownies are to die for!"

Kathryn G



Work with me!

Do you feel trapped with your nutrition? That every time you try to break out of your current lifestyle, you're snapped back feeling defeated?

This is where I come in with an action plan and accountability.

Each plan is built around your lifestyle and includes not just whole and healthy foods but also pizza, tacos, and brownies! Eat the foods you love without deprivation and get the results you've been dreaming of.

  • Finally! See and feel the results you've been wishing for.
  • Stop skipping meals!
  • Enjoy bread again!
  • No guessing game. With the meal plan add on, I have done everything for you. Just eat and get results.
  • Have a question, need accountability? Private access with Randa is available with the Nutrition Program package.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Includes an initial 45-minute consultation with Randa, with an email recap on how you can take your nutrition into your own hands.

  • Nutrition overview (45-minute call)
  • Weekly check-ins (15-minute call)
  • Personalized Nutrition Program with Meal Plans
  • Ongoing support


*USD. Canadians it will be roughly $262.50, GST included. Canadian residents: if you would like to arrange another payment option. Please email


1:1 Nutrition Coaching w/ Meal Plans

This is the perfect package if you want extra guidance and want it done for you. Randa will create a custom nutrition program for you to follow. All you have to do is eat!

  • Custom-tailored nutrition program
  • Weekly check-ins (15-minute call)
  • Weekly meal plans + a no-stress shopping list
  • Ongoing support & accountability


*USD. Canadians it will be roughly $525, GST included. Canadian residents: if you would like to arrange another payment option. Please email





I'm Randa, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant. I'm a professional blogger, recipe developer. Basically, my life revolves around food.  

That being said I love pizza, tacos, chocolate, and red wine. So it's my mission to teach nutrition without a deprivation mindset. You can have all the tasty things, you may just have to tweak a few things!  

I don't believe in fad diets (been there, failed at that) or calorie deprivation. I'm here to teach you REALISTIC nutrition that you can apply to your family. Because no one wants to eat a salad while their family enjoys pizza.  



There’s no better time to take control of your health than right now. The Personalized Nutrition Program will give you the results you've been wishing for. Stop putting yourself on the back burner and invest in your health and energy. Get ready to feel AMAZING!

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